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Ringo Cheung as a wedding photojournalist, my goal is to record every true and unforgettable moment. Shining smiles, touching tears are captured as a record of your wedding or special occasion that you will remember and treasureforever. My passion isdelivered through each photo shot. I look forward to a strong connection and perfect balance that can capture a touch of beautiful portraiture in my images. I love to have fun and most of all, it’sessential to me that you enjoy yourself…
Photography Style:creative energy, passion and limitless imagination, every image is unique, exciting, distinctive and evocative to capture the joy, emotion and ambiance of each special day…
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At the end of the wedding season
End (it is not far from the previous step was not the headlong charge) Coming
But late than never
Recently seen a lot of users asking how to get open
Really ..
Technology funds are ready to run
Too many games have to be shooters ..
In the case of the wedding scene of the "shooting mode" instead of "Creative" is

Once again, please help me
Incentives to promote good feel of applause
Bad article, please close your gun in his mouth .. Online I know .. my heart .. Your heart is not enough .. They have not published a document in a war of words .. After the concepts and technology "instead of the" mouth area firepower photography "Photography
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New life, the life of a wedding is an event not to be deceived later, I think, a professional recording cameras wedding wedding budget devices, some newcomers will be a better time to celebrate, of course, digital cameras, fame, now, most of the newcomers, just friends monocular camera may need to see a professional about
If you want to ask me to help,
Pull hundreds of wedding photographers to shoot the scene (this is based on a living AK), and some people please try to shoot professional SLR camera must respond to today, I would be proportional to the composition of the earth to shoot photos of all the shutter opening is not good for shooting landscapes, time for a new wedding site The "save the images did not photograph the wedding, or will have the opportunity to spend a pleasant ridicule; pose is not good, bad, clearly, is not opening again .. elders as well as psychological scold you think
The wedding scene is so easy, very easy to start. He said it is difficult to difficulties, to, another animated pictures, photos, high quality of life as I need to take "How to be!
Because it is the most common problem, strangers and analysis process (from north to south of the habits of hundreds of Taiwan), customs, weddings, plus that communication is not new and, therefore, often do not wait for the best position is standing ganchang movements often lead to the loss of the bright lens, said You can .. XXX Please do not take the time to re-cross the furnace?
First introduced to the equipment, wedding
a camera body 1 *
* Objective 1-2
External Flash * 1-2
Memory Card
Hard box outside the action
External flash battery (optional)
Tripod (or do not dwell on it later)
camera body
D3 has ever said to my brother before shooting (although I've got the goods in February), in short, is a myth, I read the D80 to take good photographs of the scene, as benign or technical, they can take the body to be able to shoot RAW and then shot , do not hang on too long to be a constant point of the camera as well as the S3 is a three 15 seconds to wait before continuing to play with his brother. . this time, but will be choppy, why not shoot JPEG Wait a minute, and will be explained

RAW digital camera viewfinder, lens covers detailed information on digital information landscape color, light and dark information in the CCD (CMOS) memory card recorded above, and, therefore, editing software and camera "tolerance" to change the information provided by the software to change the ratio and the color is light, and lower picture quality that affect the phase
JPEG is one-way, color Compress the file to save the memory of the destruction of the structure, to pull together the color deviation of the value of the JPEG files in compressed, of course, this type of software to edit files over a limited range, then you can change the palette

Lens (CS forgive my brother home, and I want to be similar to the lens)
N shooting an amateur scene with two good lenses, good coverage, 24-120mm .. In terms of the quality of the camera 18-200mm, here, I thought, is not mentioned in this article just is not so easy to say the new coverage
D3, and Jia Fu movie full blessing of a 24-120mm "enjoy"
Of course, I saw a 85mm1.8 at the end of the shooting, does not mean bad, it's just disabled, as well as changes in position
24-120mm lens 15-35mm I have coordinated
15-35 massacre of his parents and close a new room, you can play a good angle, camera angle does not regret
External Flash
Good external flash is necessary, that you can not flash to the tail is not zero, because of course, if you want to make an impression, you can start Stills recorded a double flash of the machine that will run the same exercise
Memory Card
When deciding when shooting RAW, JPEG shooting 2G can not be used to draw 400 to be able to shoot I think, here is a translation, * 1 * 2 2G to 8G younger brother, we had
Why not use one or more 16G .. The answer is not easy, 8G (RAW 320) 2G (80 RAW)
Remember to change the filming of the movie you want to know in previous decades, I now have the number of shots
Avoid eggs into the same basket, actually only hanging
Box portable external hard drive
I think this is a tool, not a question we ask
External flash battery.
Swamp SB-800, and a fifth related to the battery box, but the state must be chain lightning, and, sometimes, a little is not enough output, external battery box (SD-8A) for proposed professional photographer
Perhaps, many people think that inviting the weight, and I think that it is not without a tripod ISO did not need to discuss here .. just look at the rigor of personal photographs, and some newcomers would be a fine place for two or three million will be spent, not in the pocket of high-ISO shooting the lights shaking a lot of people using the hotel had no effect on the state I think, and some people just drive ISO400 15-30 teeth shutter, opening up a tripod to one side or not
If a tripod is used only for brother
The output load current is the center of the end of the loan facilities
Most photographers start shooting from a woman in front of his friends because he built the car together, and makeup, women, girls than boys not to forget 3322, but noisy, it is possible to get more photos