I had a very good time shooting for Kat and Ken in Croatia and Venice, the journey was full of laughter from start to finish, and I just had so much fun spending time with them and capturing these special moments for them.

Croatia is a beautiful and lovely place, going there is like traveling back in time, everything looks so classy and waiting for us to explore! It feels like we’ve been whisked back to centuries ago as we wandering through the narrow alleyways of Old Town Korcula in Croatia. The town was beautifully preserved and there are plenty to explore in the heart of Old Town.

Burano,  the most colourful city in the world, all of us remain intrigued by the many colours and the coloured houses that are reflected into the green waters of channels, it seems to be in a rainbow paradise. We were all running around like little kids, checking each and every houses, stop and admire the glorious hues at every turn. Each house is decorated with its own personal touch, and this is certainly an unforgettable experience.