Monthly Archives: February 2018

Cheren & Marcus | Overseas prewedding | Kyoto | Japan

5 Days in Kyoto during the Cherry Blossom season, the view was absolutely stunning and breathtaking. On the first day, we shot at the famous Keage Incline. The Blossom or also known as the Sakura trees were so pink and pretty, we were all in love with this place. The view was so spectacular, it…

Joanna & Ken | Overseas pre-wedding, Beijing Prewedding, Shanghai Prewedding, China Prewedding

The Great Wall of China, it’s not an easy job, especially for the couple as they have to walk while wearing their gown and suit. It was definitely worth it though, the pictures came out amazing and the couple enjoyed themselves so much they didn’t want to leave the place.

Alice & Emil | Hong Kong Pre-wedding

You’ve never left my mind since the day I lied eyes on you. “Marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is Eternity.” -Kahlil Gibran

Ivy & Sang | Overeas pre-wedding | Ipoh Penang pre-wedding

This was in Ipoh and Penang, which is in Malaysia but it doesn’t look like it from the pictures. There are so many places in this world that people do not know of, and a place does not look like a place unless you know there is such a place. If I did not mention…