Sarah & Ashwin Hong Kong Pre-wedding

這對跨國戀人Sarah & Ashwin在香港這個亞洲國際都會相遇,相識並結為夫妻。

他們熱愛著這中西文化交匯的城市。9 年間,來自印度和美國的倆人已漸漸融入了這裡的生活。可惜由於工作的原因,須暫別香港。


Sarah & Ashwin, from United States and India, met, fall in love and  married in the Asian international city.

In 9 years, they into this city where Chinese and Western cultures meet. They found that they have gradually integrated into the life here.  Unfortunately, they have to farewell Hong Kong temporarily due to their work.

Before saying goodbye to Hong Kong, we are very pleased to capture their last and best memories about Hong Kong.

hong kong pre-wedding