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Venice Pre-wedding Photography | M & A

威尼斯是一個色彩斑斕的城市,運河上總是飄灑著泛泛磷光,河上的每棟建築都帶著柔和的色調,從其細節看得出每棟建築都飽歴風霜背負著悠長的歴史,各處都是雄偉的宮殿和優雅的橋樑,人來人往的街道、繁華的景像並沒有遮蓋這個城市的歴史及文代氣息,這一切猶如一幅巴洛克時期的油畫。 當我們在城市間穿梭,踏著石板制的大街小巷,一𣊬間我們好像已經沉迷在這個美妙動人的城市,時間在此已經不復存在,一切都停留在過去,威尼斯是一個如此神奇的城市。 Venice is a city full of colors. The lights on the water, the soft colors of the old buildings, the majestic palaces and the elegant bridges, it felt like we were part of this painting. When we were walking on the paddle stones, we were “lost” in this amazing city, it is like…

C & M | Bohol Island Pre-wedding

C & M’s pre-wedding shooting was taken place in Bohol Island which is located in the Philippines. Today’s shooting was a little different from the ones I did before, there were a lot of dipping into water involved. The water was so clear, and the water dipping was perfect for the weather.