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一日七景 香港婚紗攝景影 ︱ W & C

Hong Kong Pre-wedding 一對小情侶帶著他們專屬的愛情,由鬧市到荒野,午間至黃昏,一日間走遍香港。人來人往的電車路邊,廟宇中相互的祝福,大街小巷中,聆聽著歷史建築中的人文舊事,探索鬧市間每一塊美麗的拼圖。荒野間,你拿著我送你的花球,走過林間,在沙灘中看日落,呼吸著每一口新鮮空氣,溫暖照臉的陽光之中,每一刻都充滿著愛。 # Pre-wedding Website:https://www.aperture.com.hk/IG:https://www.instagram.com/prewedding_apertureproduction/?hl=enFB:https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=aperture%20productionPrice List: http://blog.aperture.com.hk/rate-card/ Contact: http://blog.aperture.com.hk/contact/

Hong Kong Pre-wedding Photography | E & V

Most of clients like to book a pre-wedding photo session before their wedding day. It is a great way for the future married couple to get used to the camera and to have beautiful pictures done of those moments that they will forever remember. This is the purpose that we aim to do for every…

China Pre-wedding Photography | S & G

It’s so much fun to shoot pre-wedding in the heart of the most-populous built-up metropolitan area mixed with old town and nature in mainland China – Guangzhou. In order to create more of Chinese wedding and European theme , we scout for awesome vintage and gorgeous locations. Website:https://www.aperture.com.hk/IG:https://www.instagram.com/prewedding_apertureproduction/?hl=enFB:https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=aperture%20productionPrice List:http://blog.aperture.com.hk/rate-card/ Contact::http://blog.aperture.com.hk/contact/

Hong Kong Pre-wedding photography | S & A

這對跨國戀人Sarah & Ashwin在香港這個亞洲國際都會相遇,相識並結為夫妻。 他們熱愛著這中西文化交匯的城市。9 年間,來自印度和美國的倆人已漸漸融入了這裡的生活。可惜由於工作的原因,須暫別香港。 於是在跟香港道別前,我們非常榮幸能紀錄他們心中於香港最後且美好的回憶。 Sarah & Ashwin, from United States and India, met, fall in love and  married in the Asian international city. In 9 years, they into this city where Chinese and Western cultures meet. They found that they have gradually integrated into the life here.  Unfortunately, they have to farewell Hong Kong…

Hong Kong Pre-wedding Photography | L & L

I have been to many places for pre-wedding shoots but Hong Kong has always been my favorite. I am so glad that Laura and Liam shared the same thoughts as me and choose Hong Kong for their big day. There is no place like home. Hopping on one of these open top trams, encounter the bustling…