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Different Side of Hong Kong Pre-Wedding 婚攝-多樣景觀的香港 ︱ W & L

香港是個集百家之大的地方,不同文化都在這裡滙聚,因此在香港我們可以欣賞到不同的景觀,對於婚紗攝影而言香港更是十分有利加上交通十分便利,一天內拍攝多個不同風格的景點絕對不是問題。W&L 選擇了在港島區拍攝其婚紗照,港島區有著許多西式的建築,其中在英殖時間建造的紅磚建築更是英式建築的經典,如果仔細觀察其裝飾可以看出英式設計的雅致,身處香港但彷彿置身英倫一樣。新朗一身的蘇格蘭傳統服飾更是與英倫建築相映成趣。期後我們回到熱鬧的中西區,繁忙的鬧市電車緩緩地穿梭於高樓間的夾縫,W&L 站在電車軌上靜觀著街上的事物流變,但始終不變的是他們的愛情,每一張相都記錄了他們在港的愛情。換過一套禮服後,我們從鬧市回到港島寧靜的後花園,兩人在海天一色的沙灘下漫步相擁在海岸線的盡頭,最後當然是以維港的夜景作結。 Website:https://www.aperture.com.hk/IG:https://www.instagram.com/prewedding_apertureproduction/?hl=enFB:https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=aperture%20productionPrice List:http://blog.aperture.com.hk/rate-card/ Contact::http://blog.aperture.com.hk/contact/

Wedding Day Photography | I & E

Website:https://www.aperture.com.hk/IG:https://www.instagram.com/prewedding_apertureproduction/?hl=enFB:https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=aperture%20productionPrice List:http://blog.aperture.com.hk/rate-card/ Contact::http://blog.aperture.com.hk/contact/

Wan Chai Chapel Wedding Day Photography | O & R

It doesn’t matter what race, color, religion or nationality you belong to, love is love. People fall in love unexpectedly. This couple tied the knot at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Wan Chai Chapel) and decides to do it the traditional Chinese way as well. There is a saying, “Live like there’s…

Sweetest Couples Wedding Day Photography | M & R

Minnie and Reuben were one of the sweetest couples I have ever met and their gorgeous day was full of laughter. It was a real pleasure to shoot for this lovely couple. The wedding is an intimate wedding filled with friends and families flying from all over the globe. I feel grateful to be here…

Natural and Real Wedding Day Photography | C & P

C & P, they are so sweet and so caring towards their family. Everyone is so happy them including me, they had such a special wedding. This was by far one of the easiest shoots I’ve taken because everyone was so natural and real, it was so easy to capture their real emotions. Many kids…