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Angel & Kelvin | Macau Pre-wedding

With the addition of the Macau Eiffel Tower, the atmosphere and environment light up immediately! Romance is one of the key elements to attract people to a place and Macau has done it. It’s known that Hong Kong is another “city of love”, and Macau, a place for gambling and tourism. But it’s more than…

Wendy & Lippmann wedding day

I had such a good time with Wendy and Lippmann on their big day and it is my honour to be part of this wedding not only as a friend but  also as a guest photographer. Lippmann’s family was originally from Scotland so he decided to wear the tradition Scottish kilt on his big day….

Alice & Emil | Hong Kong Pre-wedding

Ivy & Sang | Overeas pre-wedding | Ipoh Penang pre-wedding