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C & F | Hong Kong Wedding Day

This was taken at the Intercontinental Hotel in Hong Kong. Amazing day, amazing people, amazing wedding. Today passed by so smoothly and perfectly. Everyone satisfied and happiness surrounded the air.

C & B | Hong Kong Wedding Day

Ben and Catherine, so young, energetic, funny and talented. A Local wedding filled with love and surrounded by family. Every couple dreams of sharing this special day/moment with their family members, another dream come true for these two special beings.

A & K | Provence Pre-wedding

I had a lot of fun with Alice and Kai in France, Alice was really sweet and friendly and Kai was just so enthusiastic and have a great sense of humor, they are without a doubt a perfect match for each other. We went to visit the sunflower field and lavender field in southern France,…

T & J | Macau Pre-Wedding

So much love in the air, this couple are irresistible towards each other. They reminded me of what butterflies feel like, they were so cheesy and in love. The weather was amazing, the photos were taken beautifully and the couple left with lots of unforgettable experience. The wedding dresses Teresa picked were perfect for the…

D & K | Hong Kong Wedding Day

This adorable couple were so easy and fun to work with. Their big day took place at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong, the place was amazing, the weather was perfect, and everyone had a blast. The newlywed had a lot of fun, especially the groom. By the end of the day, although everyone’s energy…